NAME: Carolin Boström
CITY: Stockholm, Sweden
EDUCATION: Packaging design, Broby Grafiska 2014, Graphic design intro, Berghs 2010.
AWARDS: Special Recognition in Stora Enso’s Recreate packaging competition.

Hello, my name is Carolin Boström. I have just finished my 3 year long education in packaging design at Broby Grafiska, a College of Cross Media in Sunne, Sweden. Broby Grafiska is one of Sweden’s most renowned college for packaging design and students from our collage today work for organisations and design agencies all over Sweden. As students, we gained the competencies of design, construction, repro and print. About one third of our education was internship-based at different organisations and design agencies.

Design has been an interest of mine as long as I can remember. An introduction course in graphic design at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm opened my eyes for graphic and digital design. Packaging design at Broby Grafiska then made me fall in love. These interests have evolved into an actual profession and I’m eagerly looking forward to my upcoming career!

June 2012, I was awarded a Special Recognition in Stora Enso’s Recreate packaging competition for Luxury Packaging. Read more at: Winners gallery Stora Enso recreate

I am outgoing, positive and thoroughly enjoying a challenge and learning new things. Don’t hesitate getting in touch if you’re looking for innovative and creative packaging design solutions!

Best Regards,